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From an earlier post, I spoke of My Secret Winter Garden. Well, nestled there off to the side of the light, I had placed my two old Amaryllis bulbs from previous years. They spend their summer on the deck growing some leaves, enjoying the sunshine, and remained alive and well. I even fertilized them as I did the other plants and flowers.  Once frost came, they joined the geraniums in the cool basement with an overhead flourescent light. I did not water them. I just let them rest. So in January when I went to the basement to check on the garden I was surprised to find these bulbs becoming active. Shooting upward, were not more leaves, but fat buds. So I brought them upstairs and placed them in a sunny (sometimes) west window. I documented daily growth with my camera and in about thirty days there was bloom. The second Amaryllis (09) grew quick fast, but with a thinner stem. It is still in its opening bud process. The 2008 plant did not bloom last year, it just grew leaves, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it break forth with such a vibrant and healthy flower.The two flowers are entwined as they look out at the cold snow. Since I threw out the boxes long ago, I don’t know the names of either one, so I simply call them: “08 & 09”.  They bring such cheer to the dreary days of winter that seemingly continue to linger and thrive. So sit back and relax and watch them grow!

How to get you Amaryllis to bloom again  http://www.usna.usda.gov/Gardens/faqs/AmaryllisBloom.html

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I retired 9 years ago from teaching and then remarried. Of course that wasn't enough of a life change, so I moved to Wisconsin where my husband Jon resided. This blog reflects thoughts about my Wisconsin and Michigan, hobbies, and family history. As of 2016 we have returned to NW Lower Michigan near family and friends.

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