I was given the idea to do this challenge in the gray days of January by a fellow blogger in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I put the challenge out on Facebook for friends. Some friends picked up on the idea. We have posted each day a simple gratitude reflection instead of  moaning and groaning about the snow, cold, clouds, and life in general because it’s winter and that’s what people in the Midwest do. From some of the postings I am sure others stopped in their tracks and reflected personally. So here goes…my first ten days.

Day 1: In spite of the temperature, 10 degrees, Eddy and I took our usual 40 min walk. It is a good thing I HAVE him and HAVE to take him on daily doggie walks. Without him, I would have looked at that temp. and told myself it is too cold to be outside. Well it isn’t. That cold moist air on a daily basic, has kept me healthy. So thank you Eddy!

Day 2: As I continue to settle into WI, I am grateful for all the people God has placed in my life: both family & friends. Thankfully, we can continue our relationships from afar via technology. I am also grateful for so quickly being asked to join a small group within my church last year, where we study various topics & share what’s going on in our life. This group satisfies the need of belonging and being cared about.

Day 3: Yesterday Jon and I toured the WBAY RV & Camping Show in Green Bay. We weren’t shopping, it’s just fun to look. That activity then provides a natural  segue into what I am grateful for: I spent many vacations traveling the country camping with my Tonn family. Those were wonderful adventures that have left me with great memories.

DAY 4: To my friend Patty, simply , I am grateful the Packers won!! I have been holding off with this, hoping I could say that:-)

Day 5:  As I head out today on my “40 min. morning walk” with Fast Eddy, I am grateful that the deep cold has moved East and it is 18 degrees. It is much more enjoyable to be outside!!

Day 6: Phone calls from both of my sons today. Good chats.

Day 7:  We were able to sell the extra electric stove today, that has been in the garage waiting for a new home! Yeah!

Day 8:  Jon shoveled our sidewalk on his way to work this a.m….’atta’ boy!!! 🙂

Day 9: What a great  surprise, a date for dinner tonight with my husband. We tried the Wild Truffle Trattoria in Grand Chute. We had one of their wood fired pizzas for two and interesting salads, the kind you wish you would have taken a picture of. We will have to make a return trip sometime with company. :-}

Day 10: For anyone who knows me, I am sure they will be laughing hysterically, this is so NOT me: I am grateful I took an hour and alphabetically aligned my spices for ease of use. I have pantry doors where they are stored and it seems every time I need something I look at every bottle to find the right one …. VERY inefficient. So today, I organized all those blasted little things!!

Hey, it’s the small things in life that plant a smile on my face and keep me going. I am just figuring that, in 20 more days of looking on the brighter side, February will almost be over. Yeah!

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I retired 9 years ago from teaching and then remarried. Of course that wasn't enough of a life change, so I moved to Wisconsin where my husband Jon resided. This blog reflects thoughts about my Wisconsin and Michigan, hobbies, and family history. As of 2016 we have returned to NW Lower Michigan near family and friends.

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